A Payment Plan Approach for Plumbers

A Payment Plan Approach for PlumbersNo matter how reasonably priced your plumbing services may be, some jobs can still be quite costly to the customer. Paying in full sometimes isn’t an option, but as a plumber you need to make sure that you will eventually be paid the full amount owed for all of your hard work. We know that working with collection agencies is less than ideal, which is why we’d like to suggest a payment plan approach.

Offering payment plans to customers is attractive because they know that they’ll be able to spread out their payments which can be a huge weight lifted off of their shoulders. Complex plumbing jobs are sometimes necessary and this approach ensures that the job won’t wipe out their savings account and will still be completed in a timely manner. Despite the cost of the work, this helps to keep the customer happy. For the plumber, it ensures that they keep the business and the customer doesn’t look for a cheaper option or skip having the work done altogether.

Most plumbing businesses are small and might not have the resources to keep track of a payment plan or to follow up with customers that owe money when the time comes. That doesn’t mean that a payment plan option isn’t possible, it just means that the plumbing company needs to get some help. That’s where a payment plan partner comes in. We’ve recently worked with CareCap, a web-based system for creating, offering and managing in-house payment plans, and have been very happy with the results.

Here’s an overview of their services for business owners:

• Easily sign up online and activate your account
• Set up payment plans in a few simple steps
• Payments are deposited directly to the provider’s account
• Fixed, transparent fees that are among the lowest available for this type of service
• No start up or subscription fees

Using payment plans, with a system like CareCap, plumbers are able to get more business because customers don’t need to pay for the whole job up front. A system like CareCap keeps things simple because it takes care of it for you, and the accounting doesn’t need to be executed by in-house personnel.

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