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2/26/2007 – Plumbing Professionals in 20 States and Canada Now Utilize the Innovative Marketing Solution 1-800-PLUMBING

Plumbing contractors looking for an affordable alternative to a franchise are capitalizing on a unique marketing solution offered by 1-800-PLUMBING. The company now provides marketing and advertising services to contractors in 20 different states and Canada.

Surprise, AZ (PRWEB) February 26, 2007 — 1-800-PLUMBING Inc. (formerly Plummeridian Communications Inc.) continues to grow across the United States and Canada. The company now provides service to plumbing contractors in 20 different states.

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1-800-PLUMBING® licenses the vanity phone number “1-800-PLUMBING” by exclusive geographic territories. As growth increases, the company continues to add tools, which help plumbing contractors manage their businesses more effectively.

Licensees of 1-800-PLUMBING have exclusive use of the phone number in their territory. They also receive a comprehensive marketing guide, full color logo, radio jingle and various marketing samples. The 1-800-PLUMBING website has been completely redesigned allowing customers to simply enter a zip code to find the 1-800-PLUMBING licensee in their area.

As 1-800-PLUMBING continues to grow, they will be adding value to assist licensees in becoming more successful. Just recently the company formed a partnership with Teletrac®, a company that provides real-time location information and immediate communication for mobile workforces. This utilization of technology will improve productivity, save fuel and increase customer service.

Mark Beaudoin of Plumbing Now in Windsor Ontario sums it up, “Our company goal is simple: to provide quality services to our customers that is easily recognized as the best; 100 percent satisfaction. We don’t only advertise it, we make it happen. We use the 1-800-PLUMBING® number in the Yellow Pages, TV and radio advertising and on our trucks as well as in our after-service ‘Happy Calls.’ It has made it easier for both our repeat customers and potential new customers to remember one easy number.”

For a residential service plumbing company considering innovative marketing options, 1-800-PLUMBING is an effective and affordable tool. 1-800-PLUMBING is a powerful number that works for any size company willing to integrate the number into their business. By utilizing the power of 1-800-PLUMBING, independent service companies can have a high-impact and memorable phone number at a fraction of the cost of getting into a franchise.

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6/14/2004 – Plummeridian Communcations Launches 1-800-PLUMBING, Nationwide

Plummeridian Communications owns the exclusive rights to the vanity 800 number 1-800-PLUMBING. It is currently being marketed nationwide on a first come first serve basis. Territories are completely exclusive, so only 1 business can utilize the number in a given area.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) June 14, 2004 — Plummeridian Communications, Inc has just started marketing the number 1-800-PLUMBING to plumbing contractors nationwide. For a small monthly fee a plumber can have calls placed to 1-800-PLUMBING in the area they subscribe to, ringing directly into their local office.
1-800-PLUMBING was once the entreprenurial vision of Beth Cline who was a licensed plumber in Baltimore, Maryland. Her dream was to market 1-800-PLUMBING on a nationwide basis. Beth died of breast cancer at the age of 45 and now her family has decided to fulfill the dream that she once had.

Using a vanity 800 number like 1-800-PLUMBING has been proven to provide instant brand name recognition. It is a number that customers will remember and memorable vanity phone numbers have been proven to increase response rates to advertising by 20% – 30% or more.

A Chicago Tribune advertising survey found that newspaper advertisers using 1-800 vanity phone numbers were getting 10 times the number of responses to those advertising with a local numeric number.

Through enhanced call routing, the 800 number can be shared by multiple users all over the country. The telecommunications provider automatically routes the calls through a database which defines where each call will terminate. The database is populated with the area code and exchanges for each licensee. When a call comes in, a comparison is made with the database based on the area code and exchange of where the call originates. Then the call is automatically routed to the 10 digit number that it is programmed to terminate at.

To check if the number is still available in your area, just dial 1-800-PLUMBING and if you reach the nationwide marketing office, then you are in luck! The company website is

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