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Our first Canadian licensee, Mark Beaudoin started in business in 1993 as Amherstburg Plumbing, focusing mostly on new home construction. In 2000 he made a wise choice and changed his focus to an area that was lacking attention — Residential Service. This is how PLUMBING NOW was started. The company is now fielding eight trucks providing 24/7 service in the Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, and Leamington and Wheatley areas “Our plumbing company goal is simple: to provide quality plumber services to our customers that is easily recognized as the best. 100% Satisfaction. We don’t only advertise it, we make it happen. We use marketing tools like the 1-800-PLUMBING® number in the yellow pages, TV and radio advertising, and on our trucks, as well as in our after-service ‘Happy Calls.’ It has made it easier for both our repeat customers and potential new customers to remember this one easy number.”

— Mark Beaudoin, Plumbing Now

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