Absolutely fantastic.

1-800 Plumbing set up our company Plumb Magic with the license number for our area. They worked with us on defining our area and the kind of service coverage we wanted. They have also helped us with marketing, presentation, and growing our business. With their help, we’ve seen our business go up at least 20. We definitely plan to keep on doing business with them.

Michael T.
Fredericksburg, VA

Easy to work with and get a hold of.

They are easy to work with, they answer all my questions anytime I have had a question, and they are always easy to get a hold of. Using 1-800-Plumbing sure seems like it’s working even in this rural area where I’m at.

Michael L.
Northern Black Hills, SD

Great way to promote your plumbing business in your area

1-800-Plumbing has helped me come up with more effective advertising. One of the main reasons why I like them is because the number is so easy to remember and customers don’t have to go searching on the yellow pages for a local plumber. I find them to be very helpful.

Wayne M.
Greenwood, SC

Excellent company to work with

1-800-Plumbing has helped me get business. They are very helpful with my marketing.

Donnie J.
Fayetteville, NC

Very postive and enlightening.

I’m a licensee and I communicate extensively with 1 800 Plumbing. I found that working with 1 800 Plumbing is almost like a marriage: you’re connected but there are only a few specifications governing the licensees. It is not very controlled, but you’re part of the group. Alan has worked with me in obtaining information as well as providing financial and emotional support. Alan is a very fair individual you can trust.

Bill C.
Denton, TX

Good communication, but name recognition and incoming calls have been slow.

It’s taken awhile to really get name recognition and get it all going with 1 800 Plumbing, but overall I’m satisfied. I stay in touch with them on a regular basis. I have a conference call with them once a month, which is good, as it keeps everybody in the loop. But as far as name recognition, and getting calls for service through 1 800 Pluming, it has been slow for us.
B. K. Plumbing

B. K. P.
Surprise, AZ

A good company, and a good tool to keep your name top-of-mind.

1 800 Plumbing is a good company and a good tool to use in terms of having our name be top-of-mind and that kind of stuff. They’re really good for us. Without having to advertise through other means, they keep us at the top of people’s minds.

Adam W.
Cleveland, OH

Refreshing, easy to work with, understanding, and eager to please.

I’ve had a very good experience with 1 800 Plumbing. I like the fact that it’s so easy! People in our area are starting to figure out the branding, and it’s paying off.

Alan has been really easy to work with. He’s a real nice guy, and I have no complaints about him, or anybody else, whatsoever. They have all been very willing to work with us.

John B.
Myrtle Beach, SC

Recognizable number that creates top-of-mind awareness

I had heard about vanity numbers from other professionals who told me that they were a good idea, so I decided to use 1 800 Plumbing. I’ve been using them for about 2 years now and they are good people to work with. I believe that 1 800 Plumbing has a really easy recall and creates top-of-mind awareness. The number is recognizable and people are going to remember it more than they would remember a local number.

Paul G.
Middleville, MI

A pleasure to deal with over the last few years.

Nobody is perfect, but I absolutely would recommend 1 800 Plumbing. They’ve been great, and a pleasure to deal with over the last few years. We’ve had some minor issues, but they have always been attentive to them and worked through them right away.

Chris D.
Ocala, FL

Everything has been fine.

There has been no aggravation and no problems using 1-800 Plumbing. The owner of the franchise seems to be really helpful setting everything up. He makes sure everything is done right. I have been using them about 3 years, and it all has been fine.
Comfort Now

Andy S.
Baltimore, MD


I have been using the number since 2005. The number has helped us grow our business in many ways. I have used the number exclusively on all our marketing, radio, billboards, trucks, stationary etc. If your company is growing into other areas and has more than one number on the truck its time to start using 1-800-PLUMBING. IT WORKS!

Mark B.
Windsor, ON

I highly recommend 1-800 Plumbing.

I was a little hesitant about them at first, but anytime I have any questions Alan, at 1-800 Plumbing, answers them right away. He is very prompt at getting back to us. I have been using them for 8 or 9 months, and so far everything has been wonderful.

I thought right away that out of all the companies, 1-800 Plumbing would be the best fit. I like that I don’t have to pay a high monthly royalty fee every month just to use the name. I get a lot of great response from home owners and customers because of 1-800 Plumbing. I would highly recommend them.

Jim P.
San Antonio, TX

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