The Benefits Of Putting To Work For You?

  • Online listing
  • When you license 1-800-PLUMBING for your use, every call or lead to that number originating in your subscribed territory is instantly computer-routed to ring directly on your own office phone. No answering service. No so-called “customer service” between you and your valued customers.
  • Your territory is exclusive. No other contractor in your subscribed area can use the number.
  • Employment resources
  • Accounting
  • Pricing Systems
  • Resource Directory

But the benefits of subscribing to 1-800-PLUMBING don’t stop there.

We know you’re a plumber first, not an MBA or marketing guru. So we also support you with guidance and growth-building tools that will enable you to build a strong marketing and advertising program to generate the plumbing leads. One that can bring you to the front of the pack — no matter how saturated your area is with competitor’s advertising messages. And consider this, too: the advertising of other 1-800-PLUMBING subscribers all over the country, even in the county right next door, actually multiplies the impact of your advertising and promotion efforts!

  • Marketing and advertising program
  • Business planning
  • Tools
  • The 1-800-PLUMBING number on your trucks, service stickers, advertising, tool belts — wherever you place it — helps build the “top-of-mind” brand awareness that means when someone needs a plumber, they’ll pick up the phone — not the phone book — and call you.

Does subscribing to 1-800-PLUMBING mean you’re franchising-away the name and control of your business?

Not at all. 1-800-PLUMBING is a mutual-benefit marketing system, not a franchise. You stay in complete charge of your plumbing business. And for just a single, population-based subscription fee — not an off-the-top slice of your profits. It’s simple. It’s direct. And it’s a perfect way to to make sure “they’ll call you first.”


  • Exclusive Territories
  • Customers remember your number and call you first!
  • It’s your plumbing business – we just help you work smarter
  • Growth-building promotional materials, advice and guidance
  • Swap smart troubleshooting, repair, and marketing tips with the best in the business
  • 1-800-PLUMBING supports your professional reputation
  • Boost Customer Calls!
  • Customers/leads referred to you from our (link) Consumer Information page
  • Valuable customer feedback!
  • Maximize your advertising dollars!

What’s New on

We hope you notice – and like – all the changes here at — your support site.
Our goal is to provide our subscribers with sound marketing help and all the materials you may need to build your business into the success you dream of.

Logging in will take you to the licensee full support page, where you’ll find:

“Smart Marketing” – We plan a series of articles to give you the ideas and marketing principles that will turn you into an “advertising guru.”

“Smart Business” – Most excellent technicians have put their education energy into learning their trade. And rightly so. But the “real world” can leave you thinking maybe you really needed a degree in business. Our “Smart Business” articles will aim to bring you up to speed on basic business survival skills.

“Marketing Guide” – Extensive material in pdf format that we suggest you print out and keep in a notebook. You’ll find it chock full of ideas and guidance for building a growth-building marketing and advertising strategy. Check here for ideas, vendor sources and additional materials which we will be adding as they are developed.

“Advertising Toolbox” – Here you’ll find ready-to-use ad files and graphic elements that you can download and give to your printer, newspaper or sign shop. Also here, a “Graphics Usage Manual” to help you use these files like an expert.

“Shop Talk” – A forum just for 1-800-PLUMBING®  licensees. Swap tips, ideas, gripe about the worst customers you’ve ever had … we invite you to make this forum your own.

Consumer Information Pages – No log-in needed here. Our aim is for this site to also become a place potential customers will bookmark for all the useful tips and guidance under development. Potential customers will be able to search for a 1-800-PLUMBING® contractor in their locality, or recommend a plumbing professional they feel is tops.

We invite our licensees to interact with visitors by participating in our “Ask the Plumber” feature. We will post the most interesting questions we receive and award something special for the best answer.
Stroll around the site and get familiar with all we offer here. We have many more materials and features planned for you, and we’d be happy to consider suggestions for additional content that you might like to see.

Come back and visit often! We have ambitious plans to make a constantly growing and invaluable resource, with fresh ideas and useful new tools that will truly make you “the one they’ll call first!”

Questions? Contact Us today.

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