Plumbing Advertising and Marketing

Marketing and Advertising your plumbing business is the only way you are going to become known throughout your area. It is a rough market, and competing with the top companies in your area may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here is how you can rise above your competition and come out head in the plumbing industry.

Why Market Your Plumbing Business With 1-800-PLUMBING?

How can you compete in a locality where there are many other plumbing contractors scrambling for the business of a limited number of customers? You must become the first plumbing contractor that comes to mind whenever a potential customer faces a plumbing problem. But how?

Watch the video above to learn how 1-800-PLUMBING can help increase sales.

Watch the video above to view 1-800-PLUMBING customer testimonials.

Here is How 1-800-PLUMBING Can Help You With Plumbing Advertising Program!

Market your plumbing business with “top-of-mind awareness.” First of all, easy-to-remember “vanity” numbers are proven to increase advertising response rates by 20%, 30% or more. That’s why the biggest brand names make sure they have the exclusive use of numbers like 1-800-CALL-ATT, 1-800-Go-FEDEX, and others. Some companies also have even built their success exclusively on the power of such numbers — just think of 1-800-FLOWERS! Vanity phone numbers give customers an easy way to call when they need your services; even if it’s been weeks or months since they saw your ad or truck sign — without ever going near the competing messages they’d find in the Yellow Pages! One survey conducted by the Chicago Tribune found that newspaper advertisers using 1-800 vanity numbers were getting 10 times more responses than those who use a local phone number for advertisement.

You can! You can “be” 1-800-PLUMBING.

When you license 1-800-PLUMBING for your use, every call to that number arising from your subscribed territory is instantly computer-routed to ring directly on your own office phone. No answering service. No so-called “customer service” between you and your valued customers. And your territory is exclusive. No other plumbing contractor in your subscribed area can use the number.

But the benefits of subscribing to 1-800-PLUMBING don’t stop there! We know you’re a plumber first, not an MBA or marketing guru. So we also support you with guidance and growth-building tools that will enable you build a strong marketing and plumbing advertising program. One that can bring you to the front of the pack – no matter how saturated your area is with competitor’s advertising messages. And consider this, too: the advertising of other 1-800-PLUMBING subscribers all over the country, even in the county right next door, actually multiplies the impact of your advertising and promotion efforts!

The 1-800-PLUMBING number on your trucks, service stickers, advertising, tool belts – wherever you place it — helps build the “front-of-mind” brand awareness that means when someone needs a plumber, they’ll pick up the phone — not the phone book – and call you.

Does subscribing to 1-800-PLUMBING mean you’re franchising-away the name and control of your business? Not at all. 1-800-PLUMBING is a mutual-benefit marketing & advertising system, not a franchise. You stay in complete charge of your business. And for just a single, population-based subscription fee – not an off-the-top slice of your profits.

It’s simple. It’s direct. And it’s a perfect way to make sure “they’ll call you first.”
Got questions? See our FAQs or Contact Us today.

Wouldn’t you love to have that kind of marketing power working for you?

How Does The Plumbing Advertising Program Work?

Plumbing Contractors simply license the exclusive use of the 1-800-PLUMBING “vanity number” in their locality. Thereafter, all calls to that number originating in the licensed areas are computer-routed to ring instantly and on the contractor’s own phone. There are no delays, no answering service in between the customer and the plumbing professional. Consumers have a difficult time remembering ordinary phone numbers, especially when seen only briefly on a truck or in an advertisement. But with the memorable 1-800-PLUMBING logo appearing on trucks, advertising and other materials, the number can quickly become the one people remember and call first – without even looking in the phone book (and being hit with competitive advertising messages).

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How Can You Make Your Plumbing Business The First One That Comes To Mind?

Building the strong “top-of-mind” awareness needed to realize the market-dominating potential of 1-800-PLUMBING takes a bit more marketing expertise than the typical plumber is likely to have. We recognize that most licensees need a leg-up on marketing strategy and professionally designed advertising materials. That’s why, in addition to the exclusive use of the 1-800-PLUMBING number, we provide licensees with growth-building marketing advice, articles and ready-to-use promotional tools through our licensee support site. Not to mention great business development ideas, and Shop Talk – a forum exclusively for our licensees to use to swap tips, ideas and advice.

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1-800-Plumbing Also Benefits Consumers

When pipes are bursting or another worrisome plumbing emergency occurs, it can be a tremendous help to be able to pick up and call an easy-to-remember number. It is also reassuring to know that the contractor you will reach is someone whose reputation for service, integrity and technical skill are extremely important to him. We also encourage consumers to contact us with their comments, good and bad, about their experience with their local licensee. The reputation of 1-800-PLUMBING as a brand impacts all contractors using the number, and we share and discuss these comments with our licensees. And, yes, a contractor who repeatedly fails to deliver to high professional standards may lose the privilege of using the 1-800-PLUMBING number and brand image.

Bookmark our Consumer Information page for easy tips on fixes you can do and helpful advice from our pros. You’ll also find timely articles and money-saving and energy-saving advice. Wish you had a plumber just to talk to sometimes? You can send questions to Ask a Plumber and read how our licensees have answered the questions of other readers.

And if you need a plumber, you can find one fast through our easy search feature. Put in your Zip Code, and you’ll be directed to our nearest licensee. Or put in the business name of a licensee, and you can learn more about them.

If we do not have a licensee in your area yet, we invite consumers to refer their favorite plumbing contractors so that we may invite them to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We’ll not only thank you, we’ll pay you a finder’s fee if they sign up with us!

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Over the coming months, more marketing helps and promotional aids, from TV spots to T-shirts, will be added to the Marketing Toolkit. And our Consumer Information page offers a growing list of articles, tips and advice – and directs potential customers to the licensee in their locality. Our growing public site is just one part of a developing national and regional awareness strategy that will help develop the “brand recognition” and the positive reputation of 1-800-PLUMBING.

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Prime License Areas Are Still Available

Have questions? Read the most commonly asked questions on our FAQs. There are only so many localities, but in most states the smart plumbing businessman can probably still get into the program early and lock in his exclusive use.Contact us for available localities, pricing and more detailed information. Fees are based on the population of the subscription areas, not on a percentage of your earnings, so all the additional profits 1-800-PLUMBING can generate for you will be yours to keep.

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Smart Plumbing Marketer

Our first Canadian licensee, Mark Beaudoin started in business in 1993 as Amherstburg Plumbing, focusing mostly on new home construction. In 2000 he made a wise choice and changed his focus to an area that was lacking attention — Residential Service. This is how PLUMBING NOW was started. The company is now fielding eight trucks providing 24/7 service in the Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent, and Leamington and Wheatley areas “Our company goal is simple: to provide quality services to our customers that is easily recognized as the best. 100% Satisfaction. We don’t only advertise it, we make it happen. We use the 1-800-PLUMBING® number in the yellow pages, TV and radio advertising, and on our trucks, as well as in our after-service ‘Happy Calls.’ It has made it easier for both our repeat customers and potential new customers to remember this one easy number.”

— Mark Beaudoin, Plumbing Now

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