A VoIP System Is a Great Phone Solution for Plumbers

Plumbing companies are often small operations, which means that they are trying to cut costs in any way possible. One way to reduce costs today is to ditch a conventional landline and instead utilize VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) technology.


VoIP delivers voice and multimedia over an Internet Protocol (IP) network (Internet). Companies that use VoIP technology can eliminate their phone bill. All that is needed is a high speed broadband Internet connection. Today, it’s likely that every business already has one. The monthly cost is a fixed amount as opposed to the traditional phone bill that can vary based on minutes used, destination of calls, etc. VoIP services also tend to be contract-free unlike traditional phone services. The only hardware that’s needed is a sound card, speakers, and microphone.


In addition to reducing costs, a VoIP system can increase your productivity. Plumbers are always on the go. What’s great about VoIP is that it provides service connectivity from anywhere. All that’s needed to access it is an Internet connection and a smartphone app. The same phone number can be used anywhere. When the phone rings in the office, it’s also ringing on your mobile device. This saves a lot of “phone tag” time and you don’t need to use your personal cell phone number and minutes to conduct business.


In addition to lowering costs, VoIP can integrate programs such as email, fax, and remote conferencing. Many enhanced features are available from VoIP service providers including caller ID, voicemail, 3 way calling, call blocking, call waiting, call forwarding, last number re-dial, 411 directory, local number portability, 911 service, and more.


VoIP provides more than just voice services. Other media types can be transferred as well including images, video, and text.


The world (and the business world) has gone mobile. VoIP technology is portable in nature which makes it an excellent fit for any business that wants to continue to be competitive today.

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