Voice over IP Phone System saves money

One of the most important tools in the trade is the telephone. The telephone has evolved into a very complex piece of equpment. As a company grows there are many features that are useful for maximum productivity. For starters, it is essential to have some type of voice mail. No matter how small or large a company, voice mail is a wonderful feature as it makes it possible to avoid having your customers and potential customers get a busy signal. A busy signal is the last thing you want your customers to hear!

As a company grows there are many other features that will increase productivity such as call waiting, call transfer, message on hold, conference calling, call forwarding, auto attendant, do not disturb, caller id, call flip, etc. To get these features on a phone system can be costly and then you have to pay for a physical phone system to be installed and maintained.

Now there is a new technology that is available to businesses that can give you all the benefits of a full featured phone system like the ones Fortune 500 companies use – at an incredibly affordable pirce. You can save on phone costs and improve customer satsifaction and employee productivity.

Voice over IP (VOIP) is fast becoming the standard for business communications. VOIP uses your existing broadband internet connection to transport calls over the internet to deliver superior voice quality and reliability. 1-800-PLUMBING has been using Vocalocity virtual hosted PBX for several months. It has reduced our phone costs and provides us greater flexibility when moving between multiple offices.

1-800-PLUMBING is a certified reseller for Vocalocity. We don’t just sell the system, we use it. So whether your needs are a single phone with advanced features to more than a dozen phones and complete PBX features, click on the link for more information to see if VOIP is the solution for your business!

For more information on the Vocalocity VOIP virtual hosted PBX, click here

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