Turn “dead air” into a marketing opportunity with message on hold!

This blog is reprinted with permission from Creative Business Audio. Your website and your telephone are the doors to your business. Regardless of which one is the main entrance when someone knocks, you want the first contact with your business to be a positive one. Don’t leave dead air on-hold when they call. The impression your giving them is; “Your call is not important to us”. Latest industry estimates indicate that over 55% of calls to businesses come from cell phones. With nothing on-hold callers may feel their call has been dropped. They then have to call back and start over – not good!
In a down economy the last thing you want to do is make your business sound “dead”. Marketing messages and music create energy __ this makes a great first impression and puts you in a proactive position.
Consider why people call your business. In most cases they either want information related to an upcoming buying decision or they are calling about a problem. In either case, dead silence can be a detriment to the situation.
Creative Business Audio can produce Audio on hold for your phone system that can help your business turn “dead air” into a powerful marketing tool! They did the message on hold for 1-800-PLUMBING and we are very happy with it! Their website is www.creativebizaudio.com
Reprinted with permission from Laura Anderson. email: laura.anderson@cbizaudio.com

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