Are there tools that you may not be using yet?

Tools, tools, tools… As a plumber you have many tools that you can use to do the job. Many of those tools have stayed the same. There are some innovations and new things, but many of the fundamental tools like a pipe wrench have not changed in a long time. The area we have seen accelerated change, however is anything that has an electronic circuit inside such as a computer or telephone. We have seen massive advances in this technology. The computer and internet has changed the way we shop, the way we learn, they way we communicate with others, etc. The main question today is, “have you adopted the latest technology in your business in these areas?”

Here are some of the tools that are available to provide increased customer service:
Remote Call forwarding from your office to your cell phone
Simultaneous ringing of office, cell, and any other phone you designate
Voicemail for customers to leave a message and never hear a busy signal
Voicemails automatically emailed to your cell phone
Message on hold that keeps customers from hanging up
GPS technology to track your trucks to conserve full, keep track of employees, and save on insurance premiums
email newsletter automatically to all your clients on a regular basis
Automatic birthday card sent to your customers so it arrives within a day of their birthday
Search Engine Optimized website so customers find you when they need you.

I listed some of the technologies that are cost effective and readily available. I am sure there are others out there, but I just wanted to provide some ideas that anyone could adopt to provide customer service that is over the top! You invest in your business by purchasing the right tools to do the work, so why not invest some money in the tools that can help you retain more clients, build better relationships and make your business run efficiently and smooth.

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