Tips for Plumbers looking to generate more business Part 3

Real Estate prices are low and investors are buying up properties at a bargain.   Copper prices are high and this has been in the news.  I just spoke with my neighbor who moved into his house several months ago and it was a bank owned house.  Someone had broken in before he took possession and stripped all the copper piping out.  Many of these houses are in need of repairs because they have been vandalized or for other reasons are a “fixer upper”  If you go to your local real estate offices where they are selling these properties to investors and bargain hunters I am sure that they could use a good plumber to refer to the home buyers. Have some nice brochures and business cards printed up that look professional and hand them out.  Someone is going to do it, why not you?

The brutal reality is that some companies are going out of business or they already have.  So, you can go through the yellow pages and call up your local plumbing companies and find who’s number has been disconnected.  Go to the local phone company and buy the number and have it ring at your office.  Someone is going to pick up the business, it might as well be you.

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