Tips for Plumbers looking to generate more business Part 2

How are you getting in front of your customers?  Lets face it if they can’t find you then there is a problem.  Some companies appear to get stuck thinking that effective advertising and marketing has to be expensive.  The traditional “yellow pages or bust” thinking has got to go!  There are so many innovative ways to promote your company and some very effective strategies are very cost effective.  The one I always go back to is doorhangers.  You can get 5000 doorhangers for about $300.  If you are not busy, then hand them out yourself, it’s a numbers game.  One person could hand out 5000 doorhangers in 2 months part time.  If you got a ½% success rate that would mean 25 new customers.  Doorhangers are one of the most simple and cost effective ways to promote your business, period!

Other strategies to look at are Free on line advertisement like Craigs List.  You need to update these on a daily or weekly basis, but its Free and it works!  Sponsor a soccer team, baseball team, footrace, etc…  Buy space on the local baseball field backstop.  Movie theater advertising, shopping carts, small local newspapers and the list goes on.  Try something new that you have not tried before.  But whatever you do, make sure it will get your company in front of new customers over and over and over.  It takes repeated impressions to develop “top of mind awareness”

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