Tips for Plumbers looking to generate more business Part 1

Why is it I ask myself that even in this “challenging economy” some companies continue to prosper and grow and others are struggling to stay above water?  I believe that there are many factors that contribute to the success or failure of a company.  First of all when conditions in the economy change a successful business learns to adapt and change with the conditions.  If you make changes in your marketing, advertising, services and products to better fit the economy you may just find a strategy that helps you grow your company even in this economy.

Lets start with services.  Have you looked into getting on board with a home warranty company?
I have spoken with some plumbers that do this and they say it is a great way to grow and expand their business.  The other thing you can do is offer your own priority service program that customers pay you to get top priority service, discounts, etc.

If you can show your customers products and services that help them save money, and/or be more “Green” you are providing a valuable education and your customers will appreciate it.  Find a green product that you can promote.  Offer a special to your customers and get some testimonials.  You could showcase a new product every quarter and mail a postcard, email to your customer list, or use it as a promotional piece to attract new customers.  There are all kinds of new devices like tankless water heaters, water savers, automatic shutoffs, leak detectors, re-circulators etc…  If you go out there as the expert in your neighborhood and you do it with honesty and integrity, this will help you build customer loyalty and create income from innovative products and services that most plumbers I have used did not even mention.  If the customer doesn’t know a product exists, they probably won’t buy it!

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