Opening Day April 5, 2010

Yesterday, I had the wonderful experience of attending the opening day baseball game at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.  I cannot help but reminisce about my sister’s campaign to sing at opening day when Camden Yards opened in Baltimore back on April 6, 1992 (exactly 18 years ago) Here is the link to the article written about my sister, aka “the singing plumber” Singing Plumber for Opening Day I know she sang the national anthem at the stadium, but I am not sure if she was successful with her quest to sing on “Opening Day”

Country Singer Joe Nichols Sings National Anthem

At any rate, yesterday was a great day.  The weather was fantastic.  We had great seats behind the third base line, and the Arizona Diamondbacks won the game.  I know this doesn’t have much to do with plumbing, but my sister had done a lot of plumbing work on Camden Yards stadium and as I looked around it is amazing all the plumbing that goes into a structure like Chase Field.  Everything from the water fountains, AC duct work, rest rooms, sprinkler systems, and more!  I am sure that building a stadium is one huge plumbing job.

Yesterday made me think about all the memories and the talented individual that my sister was.  This Friday will mark 8 years since she passed away from the ravages of breast cancer.  Looking around that huge stadium made me wonder what it was like to work on a plumbing job in that huge space.  And I bet there are not many plumbers that sing the national anthem at a major stadium!

I am dedicating this blog to the memory of my sister Beth, February 26, 1957 – April 9, 2002


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