Social Networking Sites are a great tool to promote your business

The main key to marketing and advertising is to make connections. We are looking to connect our business with customers who need the product or service that we offer. I was thinking about some of the connections that I have made with old friends and associates through some of the social networking. I spoke with an old friend that I had not been in touch with for around 25 years. I looked this person up on LinkedIn and they commented in an email back to me that “linkedin is good for something” The internet has turned into a great tool to re-connect with friends, business associates and family members we have been out of touch with. So, if you can re-connect with an old friend, have you thought about re-connecting with an old customer or even finding a new one?

My previous blog was about building a web both online and offline, but today I would like to focus on the social networking that we can do online to make the connections that will help to grow your businesses. LinkedIn allows you to have a profile and add contacts, recommend people, etc. Just a few moments ago, I was asked for a recommendation from one of the vendors that I use. Then there is Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more. I searched and found a great list in Wikpedia of some of the top social networking sites and it became obvious that hundreds of millions of people use social networking sites to communicate.

It is not just to keep in touch with friends. People are online looking for products and services. You have probably heard the saying: “word of mouth is the best form of advertising”. Well, social networking on the internet has taken word of mouth advertising one more step. Consumers like to see testimonials, recommendations, etc. When they see positive comments about the experience a customer had with your business they are far more likely to pick up the phone and call you or book an appointment online.

It took me a while to get on the band wagon when it came to social networking. I thought it would take up too much time and I couldn’t keep up with it, however, I learned that if I spend a little time every day that it adds up. So, on a regular basis I am on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Those are the main sites that I use. I have tried some advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn and gotten inquiries Social networking has gotten to the point that it is an integral part of building a structured web online.

When you do something consistently on a regular basis, it becomes a habit. I have gotten my social networking to the point where it is a habit. In the future, as print advertisements diminish, I see social networking sites becomming even more valuable for a consumer who is shopping for a product or service. In conclusion, social networking sites can be an effective tool to promote goods and services and the cost of entry can be as little as investing an hour or two to get something started.

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