Water conservation for everyone!

I wasn’t expecting to purchase a product that I would be writing about on this blog, but thats exactly what happened. I was shopping at Costco the other day and saw the “HydroRight® Dual Flush” and I must say that I was very impressed. In the line of conservation, this little gizmo is incredible. For about $18 it allows the consumer to easily convert most existing toilets to a dual flush system. In the companies’ words, “press upper button to flush liquids & paper with less water or… Press Lower Button for full flush power.” It is a simple concept that can have a tremendous impact on reducing the amount of water that is wasted. This dual flush system allows you to flush with a lot less water when appropriate and still allows a full flush when needed. It really makes sense and saves a lot of water.

I installed one of these in each of our bathrooms and for the most part the installation was easy and straight-forward. The timing was great because I had a shut off valve that was leaking, so I ended up rebuilding the guts of a toilet, replacing an old shut off and water line. I mention this because you never know what you are going to get into when you do a “simple” job like this. Even though the package states, “No special skill needed… if you can screw in a light bulb, YOU CAN DO IT!”, I would not recommend this for consumers whose handyman skills are weak or non-existent.

The cost of this unit can easily be recouped and the water savings is fantastic. These could easily be promoted by plumbers nationwide and start making a big impact. The company website is www.gomjsi.com and it is well worth looking at. They have great product information and a calculator to help you see how much water you are wasting and what the savings would be in water, money, and how long it would take for the unit to pay for itself! These type of systems have been popular in European countries for quite a while. I think its time we started more conservation efforts like this!

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