Another tool to help people go green

There is a lot of buzz about going green and renewable energy. I wanted to write about one thing that I use that helps our household from wasting a lot of water. Several years ago we got fed up with waiting several minutes for hot water to arrive at the shower in our master bedroom. The bedroom is located the farthest from our water heater and it seemed like it took 3 – 5 minutes of running the water before hot water came out of the shower or sink spigot.

I shopped for water re-circualtors which I am sure many of you are familiar with the ones that are installed on top of the water heater and you set a timer for when you want them to work. However, this type of recirculator did not appeal to me because of our lifestyle. Our schedules vary and therefore our needs for hot water are constantly changing.

I found a recirculator that I thought was very innovative. Instead of installing on the water heater, it is installed at the faucet farthest from the tank. Also it does not use a timer. It works by a remote switch and has options for a wireless switch which I have next to our light switch and also a wired switch by the vanity. When you need hot water, you just push the button, the pump turns on and pumps the cold water out of the line and voila we have hot water in about a minute or less.

No cold water down the drain! This pump not only is a convenience, it saves us 1000’s of gallons of water that would have gone down the drain. I am sure it has paid for itself already and the conservation aspect is great!

The system that I have in my house is a Metlund® D’Mand® You can take a look at this at I would think that it would be very easy to ask a customer if they have to wait a long time for hot water and if they realize they do not have to waste all that water down the drain. This could be a great service you offer to your customers and its good for the environment too!

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