Plumbing Video Ad on YouTube says it all!

I have brought up the topic of Marketing vs. Advertising and back in April I recieved what I believe is a great illustration of what marketing is as related to the service plumbing industry. Plumbing Now in Baltimore, MD has been a 1-800-PLUMBING licensee since 2006. Last month they sent me a copy of a video advertisement that they are using. There are so many effective elements in this short video that show they are truly “marketing” and not just advertising. As the video starts you hear the 1-800-PLUMBING jingle, so potential customers instantly know how to reach them. This is a subtle method to build “top of mind awareness” (TOMA). The video continues with the plumber neatly dressed in a clean uniform. He approaches the door, rolls out a mat and puts on protective booties. The truck is clearly lettered with the company name and phone number visible. This really shows that the company cares about their customers enough to protect their property. The video really shows you that it only takes a few extra seconds to make the best first impression. Remember the old cliche, “you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression” There are so many great things in this video that Plumbing Now does to insure their customers get not just top rate service, but also top customer service. You really have to watch the video and see how little extra effort it takes to take customer service from mediocre to over the top. I think there are so many opportunities out their for businesses to increase their market share through effective marketing, branding, and providing customer service that leaves your competitors in the dust.

Click here to see the video:

Plumbing Now in Baltimore Maryland knows how to make a great first impression!

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