How Every Plumbing Company Should Be Marketing Online

How Every Plumbing Company Should Be Marketing OnlineConsumers today are constantly connected to the Internet, whether they are connected via a desktop computer or a mobile device. If you want to attract a new audience and gain new customers for your plumbing business, you’ll need to be found online. People aren’t turning to the Yellow Pages anymore, they are heading straight to their computer or smartphone when they need plumbing services which means that you need to be actively marketing your plumbing business online.

Here are 4 ways that every plumbing company should be marketing themselves online:

Maintaining a website
Seems like a given in this day and age but the number of local businesses that don’t have websites (or have extremely outdated websites) is shocking! A plumbing company website really doesn’t need to be that complex and therefore shouldn’t be too expensive to create and maintain. At the very least it must include contact information and product/service pages.

It’s also recommended that a plumbing company website have a blog component. It’s an outlet for your staff to share their expertise with potential customers. Consumers want to hire companies and individuals that they can trust. If you are able to prove that you “know your stuff” by sharing informative plumbing related content on a regular basis, you will be more likely to generate business. Blogging also helps to keep a website “fresh” which is preferred by the search engines.

Social media marketing
The majority of consumers are active on at least one social network. For a B2C company like a plumbing business, Facebook and Twitter can be effective if used correctly. Social profiles can appear for a branded search right alongside the company website and provide consumers with additional information about your company. It’s also a great way to convey some “brand personality.” People want to hire people that they like. Humorous and witty posts will help to keep you top of mind. Social profiles are also a great place to share the content that you are posting on your blog.

Completing local business profiles
Each of the search engines have a local search component. When someone searches for a local business, the local profiles appear at the top. You don’t want to be left off of this list! Claim your local listing on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It’s free, takes only minutes, and helps to improve your exposure on the search engine results page, where most people are looking for plumbers today!

While it may take some time (and money) to get an online marketing strategy up and running, it’s absolutely essential if you want to grow your plumbing business in a competitive marketplace. If you can’t be found online, there’s a good chance you won’t be found (and generate customers and sales) at all!

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