Plumber Marketing: Integrating Online and Traditional Methods

Plumber Marketing Integrating Online and Traditional MethodsFor a plumbing company, it’s important to be marketing the business online today since so many people are turning to their smartphones and Google when they are in need of plumbing services. That’s why investing in a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC), and social media marketing is essential. However, there’s certainly still a place for traditional marketing methods, especially since plumbers are targeting a local audience. Tactics such as event marketing, using door hangers, handing out and displaying flyers, wrapping service vehicles, direct mail, and radio, TV, and print ads are still very relevant. The key is to properly integrate online and traditional marketing methods. Each approach should not be in a silo, but instead work together in order to get the best return on investment across channels.

To properly integrate online and traditional methods:

Branding should be cohesive

All branding components including the logo, colors, tone, voice, etc. need to be consistent across channels. For example, your print ad should have the same look and feel as your Facebook page. People should immediately recognize that it is the same company. Brand confusion can be a turn off and result in missed sales opportunities.

Cross promote

When developing marketing strategies it’s important to think about how they will tie into each channel. For example, if you’ll be attending an event, be sure to promote the event and your appearance online. In offline marketing collateral such as a print ad, direct mailer, flyer, or door hanger, include your website address and social media handles in addition to your phone number. If you’re running a specific campaign, include a hashtag that will easily connect all channels. If you’re running TV ads, post the ads on a YouTube page and then share them with your social media followers. You can even create unique URLs that are campaign specific to include in offline marketing materials in order to track the campaign’s success.

If you are only using one or the other, online or traditional marketing, we recommend incorporating and integrating the other and monitoring improvement. It’s time to stop labeling each as “online” or “traditional.” Just think of it as marketing!

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