Plumber Marketing Materials to Grow Your Business

The best sources of business for plumbers come from referrals and previous customers. When a customer is happy with the job that the plumber has done, they tend to keep the information on hand. This results in repeat business as well as new customers.

Printed marketing can help spread the word. The goal is to not only have traditional print materials on hand, but to also find more creative ways to get the word out. Here are some of the best strategies:


Tchotchkes are free promotional items that you often see vendors give away at trade shows, but this is a concept that you can ea

sily adopt in your plumbing business. These are fun items that customers will find valuable. When they love the item, it will make your business more memorable. Here are some ideas:

  • Custom t-shirts with your business name.
  • Drain cleaners with a custom label.
  • Plastic jar openers with your business name. You can even make them magnetic so customers can stick them on the fridge!
  • Small LED flashlights with your business name.
  • Creative key chains that look great.
  • Pocketknives and other custom tools.
  • Items for the kitchen, such as kitchen timers and other utensils.

Although you will certainly want to use the more traditional methods of print marketing as an every day part of your business, there’s nothing wrong with also having some fun items on hand to spread the word!

Business Cards 

Plumbing is a service-based business, and anyone who works in this type of business should carry business cards. You never know when you might run into someone who is in need of a service that you offer. Handing over a business card is easier than verbally giving someone your phone number or email address and more professional than scribbling down your information on a scrap of paper.


Create custom pens that have your contact information on them. Every time a customer uses the pen they are interacting with your brand. If it’s a high quality pen, it’s more likely to be used than tossed in a junk drawer. Leave a couple with your customer and they might just pass one on to someone else, which means free advertising for you.


A custom printed magnet will have a long shelf life in the homes of your customers as it will be stuck on the fridge and won’t get lost in piles of papers or tossed out by accident. This means that it will be easily accessible when needed. The magnet should include your logo and contact information. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your magnets. The more unique they look, the more likely it is that customers will hold onto them.

Yard Signs

Yard signs aren’t just for realtors. If your customer is happy with the work you did, they might be willing have a sign in their yard for a few weeks to promote your company. Discounting the plumbing services as a tradeoff for sign advertising is appealing to customers. Marketing materials can help to boost business for your plumbing company, so it’s important to consider which ones will work best for you.

By distributing printed marketing materials, plumbers can grow their business. They make it much easier to generate repeat business and to also get plenty of referrals!

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