Network in Person to Generate Local Business

Don’t think that your marketing efforts are complete just because you have a nice website and run advertisements in the local newspapers. As the owner of a local plumbing business it is your responsibility to take advantage of every marketing opportunity that you have, and that includes in person networking! Face to face contact and establishing a personal connection still means something in today’s business world. Since you are targeting the members of your local area, it’s worthwhile to get involved in the community. The more people that you meet, the more calls and business referrals you will achieve. Of course, you need to have a friendly personality in order for this to work!


Here are ways to network with members of the local community:


Attend Chamber of Commerce events
Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce and attend the business networking events that they hold. Of course, you can’t just show up at one meeting a year. You’ll need to attend the majority of the weekly and/or monthly events. This gives you a better chance of really getting to know the other members and becoming a recognizable face in the crowd. Bring your brochures and business cards to exchange with other professionals that are there.


Visit local establishments and introduce yourself
Instead of just waiting for the phone to ring, why not get out there and start introducing yourself to the other local business owners. As long as you aren’t too pushy and simply make an introduction, explain how you can help to save them money with your services, and leave a business card or brochure behind most business owners won’t have a problem with your short visit. Ideal targets for these visits are property management companies, apartment complexes, and local restaurants. Even just visiting a few businesses a week will generate many connections over the course of a year. Even if just one becomes a customer, it was well worth your time and effort.


Sponsor local events
Local events are always looking for sponsors. In addition to getting your logo on the signage, website, T shirts, or other promotional items you should also make an effort to actually have a presence at the event. This forms a stronger connection with the event and its participants.


Attend trade shows
Home improvement trade shows are very popular events. It can be costly to present at a trade show, but people that are looking to remodel their homes often need plumbing work. This is a great opportunity to pitch your services to these people as they are considering the type of remodel they want and what their budget might be.

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