Tips for Plumbers looking to generate more business Part 4

To get more business you need to get in front of more people.  If you join your local Chamber of Commerce and go to some mixers with the professional looking brochures and business cards that will help.  But don’t just go to one meeting.  Put it on your busy schedule to attend weekly and/or monthly events so they see you “over and over and over”

Instead of waiting for the customer to call you, why not call them?  Target some of your local businesses, walk in and introduce yourself.  Let them know how you can help them save money or solve a problem that you are an expert at solving in the neighborhood.  Offer to do free plumbing inspections as a preventative maintenance promotion.  Each business you get into will probably be happy to post your business cards or brochures so all their employees will have a great plumber too!  Contact property management companies, apartment complexes, local restaurants, etc…  If you visit 2 companies per week for 50 weeks, that would be 100 new prospects.  When you leave brochures and business cards with them, that could become 1000 new prospects.  If you get 2% response that could be another 20 customers.  It is all a numbers game.  So come on and get in the game.  Try something different and see how it works.

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