Yes, Heating System Tune-Ups Are Necessary

Yes, Heating System Tune-Ups Are NecessaryAs long as you may have waited, turning on the heat has become unavoidable. Winter is here and along with it comes the dreaded winter heating bills. While you might not like paying the bill each month, your heating costs are going to be much higher if your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced. That’s why it’s important to invest in a professional heating system tune-up each year, ideally in early fall before the system has even been turned on for the season.

During an annual heating system tune-up, a qualified technician should inspect all parts of the system and perform any basic maintenance that is necessary to make sure the heating system will work properly throughout the winter. Before hiring a technician, find out what the heating system manufacturer recommends should be done on an annual basis and confirm that the technician will perform those tasks. The goal is to recognize any potential issues and fix them before they actually become a problem. A small problem can get bigger as the harsh winter months pass which can result in a big bill (and a very cold house!) if they aren’t fixed right away.

In addition to ensuring that your house (and your loved ones) stays warm during the frigid winter months, it’s also recommended to do an annual tune-up to keep a warranty valid. Nothing is worse than thinking a repair is covered by the warranty only to find out that the warranty is no longer valid because you didn’t keep up with the required maintenance. When you purchase a system, be sure to look at all of the warranty details and follow the maintenance schedule. Even if you have money saved for household emergencies- you don’t want to be cold while you wait for the repairs to be done!

It’s worthwhile to make the most of your annual tune-up investment by keeping your home as heat efficient as possible. If the windows are drafty, put up rubber weather sealing tape or window insulation film. Always keep the window shades in sun-facing rooms open during the day. It really can make a difference! Taking these precautions means that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard (keeping it running longer) and your heating bills will be less. Win-win!

If you have a newer system (under 10 years old) and the warranty isn’t affected, you might be able to get away with getting a tune-up every other year, but why take that risk? The cost of an annual tune-up is worth the peace of mind you will have knowing that you are keeping everyone in your home safe and warm. If you haven’t had a tune-up yet this year, it’s never too late- make an appointment with a qualified technician today.

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