Health Risks in the plumbing occupation.

Many people don’t think of plumbing as a high health risk occupation.  However, plumbers have constant exposure to infectious water, body fluids, dirty plumbing tools, etc.  When they get a cut on the job, that creates a pathway for infection to enter their body.  This can lead to serious illness such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus infections.   With proper immunization all of these can be avoided.  It is important to protect yourself and your employees from these potentially deadly diseases.

One might think that insurance companies will not pay for these type of immunizations, but it is certainly worth checking with your provider to see if they are covered.  Sometimes insurance companies see preventative measures as a covered expense, because the cost of a few injections would be a lot less than the cost of treating an illness or condition that could have been prevented.   I think that most people realize that insurance companies like to save as much money as they can!

You may also want to check if there is a vaccination clinic in your local area.  In major metropolitan areas, there are often clinics that specialize in these type of vaccinations for travelers to foreign countries and high risk occupations.

This information has been provided by a provider in the local Phoenix area:  World Travel Health

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