Renewable Energy is here to stay

Renewable Energy is no longer just a buzz word. It is here to stay. There are major projects in place all over the country for wind, solar, geo-thermal, etc. People are talking about conservation and I believe that there is a major shift in utilizing this technology. There are many incentives from the government and local power companies that can help to make solar power and other forms of renewable energy affordable. Take a look at to see what incentives are available in your location.

I think this is a fantastic opportunity to increase business. By adding renewable energy to your product and service offerings, you effectively increase your potential customer base. If you can provide the value added service to educate customers on how renewable energy is affordable, your are providing a valuable public service and creating new opportunities for increased profitability in your company. With demand increased and supply ramping up, you can bet that prices will drop and new technologies will be developed to make renewable energy a very practical solution!

For example, we had a solar hot water installed 2 years ago. Since we live in a warm climate the system we have is called a drainback system. We have a gas water heater backup and a separate storage tank. The system cost was about $6000 and with all the tax credits and incentives our total out of pocket cost was around $1200. Prior to getting this system I did not know that all these incentives existed. Also, I thought that because I live in a development that has a home owners association they would not allow it. In Arizona there is a law that does not allow a home owners association to restrict any type renewable energy. That law indicates that they also cannot require you to install the system in any way that degrades the performance. For example, if the collector is at a lower angle or on a different side of the house it may be less visible to neighbors, but if that degrades the efficiency or performance, they cannot enforce it. Of course as a courtesy, it is a good idea to get approval ahead of time. Always check your local laws and city ordinances to be on the safe side!

It was recently announced that “Solar Panels will soon be on the White House. “These two solar installations will be part of a Department of Energy demonstration project showing that American solar technologies are available, reliable and ready for installation in homes throughout the country” quoted from Contractor Magazine, November 2010

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