Utilize Eco-Friendly Plumbing Products to Do Your Part

Utilize Eco-Friendly Plumbing Products to Do Your PartAs our resources become more limited, it’s necessary to do our part to be more eco-conscious. This is why there is a growing movement towards utilizing renewable energy and products that are “green” within the plumbing industry. As a consumer, it’s a smart idea to be on the lookout for energy efficient plumbing products that will reduce water usage and conserve the energy that is used to treat, deliver, and heat water. In addition to helping protect the environment, these products will result in lower water and energy costs over the long term. As a plumber, being knowledgeable about and offering eco-friendly plumbing products along with service assistance is attractive to the eco-conscious and budget friendly consumer.

Here are 5 of the top eco-friendly plumbing products to install:

Water conserving kitchen and bathroom faucets

High-efficiency faucets are available in many styles that will fit your décor in both your kitchen and bathrooms. Unlike inefficient faucets that can use more than 2.5 gallons per minute, a high-efficient, water conserving faucet has a flow rate of no more than 1.5 gallons per minute and can save up to 500 gallons of water per year without sacrificing performance. Some faucets allow you to set a temperature limit, which reduces the risk of burns along with reducing hot water consumption. There are also solar powered faucets which convert light from any source into electrical energy that turns on the faucet.

High-efficiency toilets

Not every flush requires the same amount of water, which is why high-efficiency toilets are beneficial. A regular toilet is often the source of the most water usage in the home, especially if it’s more than 20 years old. A water saving, low-flow flush toilet uses significantly less water. There are also dual flush valves that include two buttons, one for liquid waste (which dispenses less water) and one for solid waste which may require more water. A composting toilet is an option for the most eco-friendly consumer because it uses little to no water for flushing.

Low flow showerheads

Consumers aren’t missing out on performance when they invest in a modern low flow showerhead. Today’s designs can be decorative or traditional and offer a variety of stream and massage options. Using a low flow showerhead can cut shower water use drastically, saving money on energy bills by reducing the demand on the water heater. Some systems today can slow water down to a trickle when it reaches an ideal temperature, so you know exactly when the shower is hot enough for you and you aren’t wasting hot water down the drain as you wait for it to heat up.

Tankless water heaters

A tankless water heater, or on demand water heater, cuts energy consumption and costs because it heats the water only when it’s needed. Using a traditional tank-style water heater, you’re paying the costs associated with heating the water all day long.

Hot water recirculation pumps

A hot water recirculation pump conserves water because it advances the flow of hot water from your heating system through your home and back to the heat source, saving the gallons of water that are wasted using other systems while you wait for hot water.

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