Customer Service first impressions

I think I have written about this before, but due to several recent events I thought it would be relevant to cover this subject again. Since I run a business, I get quite a few calls from people trying to sell me products and services. I am starting to notice a trend. I am going to leave the scope of this broad so it doesn’t look like I am targetting any specific industries. I would just like this blog to be a learning experience.
Some of the calls I get it is obvious that the caller has not bothered to look up my company on the internet and figure out what 1-800-PLUMBING does. That just wastes my time and theirs. Upon discovering this I have gotten to the point of telling the caller that you need to go to my website and see what we do, then if you still feel it may be appropriate, call me back. Other callers are down right rude, obnoxious, threatening, etc. Do they really think that is going to make me want to do business with them. I am so glad that my phone has a button to “hang up” or “end call” as that is what they get. The call I got today, the caller specifically stated that “you are a business so I can call and harass you as much as I want” Do you think that is going to help him get more business. Then I get the deceptive calls. These are the ones where they try to pre-qualifiy you for some type of energy rebate. I was actually listening to the caller and I got the company name, looked them up on the web and found out the business had an “F” rating with the BBB and their BBB accreditation had been revoked for failure to honor their accreditation agreement with BBB. That ended that call fairly rapidly. I know what types of companies I want to deal with. I want to be treated with respect, kindness, courtesy and I like to think I am getting a fair deal for the money I am spending. I do my homework and I hope you do yours! I think it is important to look at your business from your customer’s side and try to see it through their eyes. I know some customers can be difficult and take advantage of a vendor that is nice, but overall if you offer “Over the top” customer service it will pay off in the long run!

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