5 Ways to Achieve Better Customer Service For Your Plumbing Company

Customer service is an extremely important component of any business. After all, without customers there is no business! It’s necessary to keep current customers happy in order to encourage repeat business, maintain a positive reputation, and gain referral business.


Here are 5 ways that a plumbing business can keep customers satisfied:


1. Live answer the phone during regular business hours


It’s important to make the process as quick and painless as possible for your plumbing customers. When a potential customer calls your number, they want the plumbing issue that they are dealing with to be fixed quickly. When a person answers the phone, the customer is able to easily explain the issue and set up a time for the plumber to come by and take a look. If they call and get an answering machine and are prompted to leave a message, they don’t know when or even if that message will get heard. They are having a problem that they want fixed ASAP and still don’t get an answer as to when that might happen. There’s a good chance that they will call a competitor to set up an appointment just to put their mind at ease.


2. Create special deals and coupons for existing customers


A great tactic to keep existing customers happy is to make them feel valued by offering incentives that aren’t offered to just “anybody”. Customers are likely to remain loyal if you not only provide a great service, but also offer discounts every once in awhile. A discount that is “win win” is to reward existing customers when they refer your business to a new customer.


3. Create service plans for priority service


A customer wants to know exactly what they are getting for their money. By outlining the plumbing services that you offer and creating service plans with corresponding pricing levels the customers won’t be left in the dark. Some priority services may cost more, so be sure to include that information.


4. Educate customers on new technologies/innovative products


Potential customers want to hire a plumber that “knows their stuff”. If they are doing research before hiring a plumber they will probably spend some time browsing the company website. If you have lots of information on things like hot water re-circulators, solar hot water, geo-thermal heating cooling systems, water leak alarms, automatic water and gas shutoffs, and tankless hot water heaters and are knowledgeable as to how these technologies could improve their home you will be viewed as an expert in the plumbing field. You can send email newsletters to existing customers that includes this information to keep your business top of mind to generate repeat business and referrals.


5. Follow up after the job


The job isn’t over after you leave the house, apartment building, etc. It’s important to take the initiative to follow up after the job to make sure that everything is working properly and that the customer is completely satisfied with your work.

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