Be Thankful for What You Have Right Now

I was looking through my old posts and trying to think up a topic for this week’s post. The only thing that came to mind for the beginning of the new year is “gratitude”. I speak with many plumbers on a daily basis and from many of them I hear how bad things are and how slow business is and I could go on and on with this doom and gloom. Well I look at things a bit differently. Every day I wake up and see so many things in my life to be thankful for. I believe that most people want more business, more jobs, more money, better health, happiness, free time, vacations, etc. So many people are working very hard to achieve their goals and there is one area that many just miss the boat on and that comes down to one magic word: “Gratitude”


When I searched for “gratitude” in Google, I found that there were about 21,500,000 results. Why then do so many people complain about what they don’t have and yearn for what they want instead of having gratitude for what they do have in their lives? I have discovered from all the searching and studying that I have done that the types of thoughts that we focus on have a direct effect on the results we get. So, if we constantly focus on that which we lack in our lives, then lack is what we will have. However, if we are constantly in a state of gratitude with true appreciation for all the good that we already have, then that sets us up to receive more of that good.


To get back to the basics, I think that many people do not appreciate what they have and are never satisfied. They always want a bigger house, fancier car, nicer clothing, etc., etc. It is OK to desire the finer things in life; however I believe that it is even more important to be able to look at what we have right now and be thankful.

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