Blackberry Dialing

Some Blackberry phones do not support direct mapping of numbers and letters:
2 = ABC, 3 = DEF, 4 = GHI, 5 = JKL, 6 = MNO, 7 = PQRS, 8 = TUV, 9 = WXYZ
So, the question is how do you dial a number like 1-800-PLUMBING with a Blackberry phone that has keys too small to print the numbers on? It is very simple to do. Just press and hold the alt key when you are typing the letter part of the number and the phone will convert the letters to the correct numbers.
This is a great solution and works really well, however, I think that they should have a software update that allows dialing the letters, so you could punch in “1800PLUMBING” and just hit the send key without hitting the alt key first! When you dial a number like 1-800-PLUMBING from a regular phone, you need to figure out which letter corresponds to the correct number. I think it would be an awesome feature for cell phones to allow entry of letters and numbers and perform an automatic conversion to the correct number.
For now, make sure to tell your customers that all they have to do is press and hold the “alt” key while dialing the name part of the number.
The main key to a phone number that spells out a word is that it is easier to remember. People generally do not remember numbers, but a catchy name like “1-800-PLUMBING” will be remembered instantly. This great vanity phone number can be a very powerful tool when properly integrated into your plumbing business!
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